Still wondering if those unreleased Michael Jackson songs featuring the likes of, Akon, and Ne-Yo will see the light of day? Well, wonder no more. It was just announced that the first posthumous album of never-before-heard MJ material will be hitting stores in November. Apparently, Michael left over 100 unreleased songs in his vault. I actually think that number’s kinda low. Based on the stuff that’s been floating around the internet (even before his death) and the amount of previously unreleased material that popped up on his box set a few years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if he left twice as much material laying around.

Either way, I’m excited-despite the questionable artistic talent of at least two of the three confirmed collaborators. The question is: has the novelty regarding Michael’s death worn off yet? Based on the sales of his albums in the weeks following the 1st anniversary of his passing, I’d say no. With the right single and publicity, Michael could once again wind up pumping life into a sluggish music industry.

Years ago, my main man GG hooked me up with “Serious Effect”, the MJ/LL Cool J collaboration. I have no idea why this didn’t end up on an album-it’s pretty damn good.

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