I’m a fan of stand up. I love to laugh.  I own albums by Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Katt Williams (don’t hate, I got it for free). I own all of the Kevin Smith “Evening with…” DVDs (OK, technically that’s not stand up. I’m saying, though…). So when the opportunity arose to review Kevin Hart’s “Seriously Funny” for Eat Sleep Drink Music, I was game. Although, based on what I knew of Hart’s work (I’d seen a couple of random bits on Comedy Central, and “Soul Plane” is one of those movies I always stop on when I’m channel surfing-especially when I’m high), I didn’t know if I was going to enjoy him too much.

I was surprised. While Kevin’s not necessarily “seriously funny”, he’s certainly at least moderately funny. There’s definitely some good material on the album, although I think all in all, “Seriously” would probably best be enjoyed either in person or on DVD (or on TV-I’m just saying, we definitely need visuals).

Kevin’s no Aziz Ansari or David Cross, but he’s a solid “B” in the comedy book, and “Seriously Funny” comes up with quite a few yuks.

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