Two years ago, if you were to tell me that Darius Rucker would be coming off of a Platinum album…a Platinum country album, I would have laughed directly in your face. However, the former Hootie & the Blowfish frontman (and doppelganger of this site’s fearless leader) completed one of the more astounding musical comebacks in recent memory with a top-selling album called “Learn to Live” and a slew of #1 country songs (making him the first black singer to top the country charts in decades).

Honestly, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the one song I heard off of “Learn to Live” (first single “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It”), and secretly hoped that at some point, Darius would return to R&B (look for a review of his “Back to Then” album in an “Albums That Time Forgot” feature soon. However, having just listened to “Come Back Song”, the first single from his as yet untitled third solo disc (coming in October), I think the man is exactly where it belongs.

“Come Back Song” is unquestionably a country song (or neo-country or pop-country or whatever people wanna call it), but it’s hooky as hell and I can see this becoming a huge pop hit as well. It’s the perfect set up for his upcoming album, and quite frankly, I’m rooting for the guy. He seems like a good dude-and honestly, I just hope he’s successful so he never has to do one of those embarrassing-ass Burger King commercials again.

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