Blerd Radio is back after a short hiatus. We’re still trying to nail down the right je ne sais quoi (is that spelled right?) so we’re playing with different time slots and host combinations. This week, I jumped from my friend Jim’s “Funny Like Car Accident Funny” podcast right into my own show-so I was warmed up, in more ways than one. There was definitely a higher level of intoxication happening than on your average podcast, but me, Jim and my friend Will still managed to have a pretty coherent broadcast.

Among the topics discussed:

Will tries to stump both of us with music trivia questions.
We attempt to make sense of the LeBron James situation, and Will explains his love of horse racing.
We ask “who the hell is Mike Posner?” We also ask “How do you pronounce Posner?”
The White Horse Tavern in Boston-where you are most apt to find Will-is pimped into oblivion.

Check the show out and enjoy!

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