Here on the East Coast, the temps have been sweltering for about a week. While some folks are salty about being uncomfortable and sweaty, I’m in my glory. Must be my West Indian blood, but above 90 temps make me happy (although we could do away with the typical East Coast big city humidity). Even growing up in BK, the fact that you could cut the hydrant (or the hose) on and run through it like an idiot made up for the fact that there are no good beaches in New York City and you had to contend with the hot garbage smell in the subways on hot days.

DJ Jazzy Jeff (along with his former partner Will Smith) created one of the greatest hot-weather anthems of all time with 1991’s “Summertime”. To commemorate the season, he and Mick Boogie have put together “Summertime-The Mixtape”, a collection of grooves that either directly reference summertime, have a lazy summertime feel, or were the jams of a particular summer. Everyone from Biggie to the King of Pop to Seals and Crofts is represented here. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your beach trip or backyard barbecue.

Download the mixtape here, and thanks to my musical twin Michael Parr for making me aware of this mixtape’s existence. Enjoy!

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