We live in a different time. Team loyalty is a thing of the past. While there’s a lot to be said for the general classiness of players who stay with one team for their entire career, also let it be known that it works both ways. For every Derek Jeter, there’s a Kobe Bryant. LeBron gave the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers a good run. He’s not obligated to stay with the team if he feels like he has a better chance at a championship somewhere else.

That said, televising his decision on ESPN in an hour-long special was a low-class move that dropped my opinion of LeBron into the cellar. Why even do that? Just sign the fucking contract. Do YOU need the extra money that ESPN gave you for the special? If anything, it proves that LeBron has a “me-first” attitude that may not bode well for his future with the Miami heat.

Finally, let’s not hand the Heat the championship trophy just yet? There are lots of variables in place here. One of their triumverate of superstars could get dissatisfied with the ball distribution. One (or more) of them could get hurt-especially with the way D-Wade treats his body on the court. Let’s also note that for every successful superstar combination (Pierce/Garnett/Allen or Jordan/Pippen/Rodman), there’s a Shaq/Kobe/Karl Malone/Gary Payton. We remember how that one ended, don’t we?

Granted, LeBron most likely doesn’t care what you, I or anyone has to say on the matter. He’s gonna take his money and most likely his ring. However, I can safely say that because of his ego-driven, selfish antics, I will not find myself morphing into a Heat fan.

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