Thespian, vocalist, Canadian-Mr. Alan Thicke.

There are tons of “I love you, mom” songs out there, right? Especially in hip-hop and R&B. Don’t nobody love Ma Dukes more than black folk. There’s even a few “I love you, dad” songs out there. But how many songs are there that show love to the grandmothers? Just one that I know of-and boy it’s a doozy.

This gem from the early Eighties was recorded by Alan Thicke. No, not Robin Thicke the perpetually bedroom-eyed soul singer. Robin’s dad, AKA Dr. Jason Seaver from “Growing Pains”. Some of you might not know, but both of Robin’s parents have musical pedigrees. Not only was Alan responsible for this steaming plate of cheese, but he also composed some of the best sitcom themes ever-namely “Diff’rent Strokes” and “The Facts of Life”. His ex-wife (and Robin’s mom), Gloria Loring, is best known as a soap actress, but she had a top five hit back in ’86 with “Friends and Lovers”, a duet with the late Carl Anderson that I remember having to sing in sixth grade music class. Creepy.

Anyhoo, according to the label on the single, this was a promotional release, so I’m not sure if “Grandma” even ever made it onto record store shelves at any point. I’m pretty sure Alan was hosting his talk show “Thicke of the Night” (a show that introduced watchers to a young comic by the name of Arsenio Hall) at that time, so the record should have been good cross-promotion (although, from what I remember, the show tanked big time).

Several things to also note: this song was co-written (and very likely produced) by the immortal David Foster, who would soon go on to fame producing soft-rock classics for everyone from Chicago to Whitney Houston, and Thicke’s involvement in music did not end with “Grandma”. Most recently, Alan co-wrote and sang background vocals on “Separate Ways”, a song from ex-NKOTB Jordan Knight’s surprisingly excellent debut solo record. Truly a family affair, the song was co-written and co-produced by Robin and also contains contributions from Alan’s other son Brennan.

Would now be an appropriate time to mention the fact that I’ve harbored a secret crush on Alan Thicke for 25 years now?

Thanks to Terje for bringing this gem to my attention! Check it out after the jump.

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