Over the years, John Mayer’s gone from a guy who I think is a really good songwriter and I would totally hang out with to a guy who I still think is a really good songwriter but otherwise seems like a total douchebag. Now that the dust has settled on the diarrhea of the month that got him in trouble a couple months back, he’s returned with a new single and video from his fourth studio album, “Battle Studies” (which is about half a step away from Platinum status, controversy and overall mediocrity notwithstanding).

“Half of My Heart” is one of the most catchy tracks from “Studies”, featuring some nifty guitar work, a great chorus, thoughtful lyrics, and a blink-and-you-almost-miss-it Taylor Swift cameo. The video is intriguing and also brings out the lyrics. Truthfully, it wasn’t until I saw the video and followed the plot that I realized how well-written the song was from a lyrical standpoint.

I’m wondering whether John intelligently decided not to use Swift in the video (’cause seriously-she’s barely in the song) even though a cameo would have ramped up interest considerably, or if she wasn’t available. Anyway, enjoy the video.

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