Y’all know I love Kanye, right?

Sure, he’s brash. Of course he’s obnoxious. But he’s also a fucking genius and is much more daring and artistic than the average hip-hop artist. People made a lot of noise about the whole Taylor Swift MTV situation last year, but people who really love Kanye are 1) completely used to his antics by now and 2) don’t really give a damn about Taylor Swift anyway. I don’t anticipate that the audience for his upcoming “Good Ass Job” LP were the slightest bit fazed by that incident.

Anyway, after taking a Thom Yorkian detour for 2008’s “808s and Heartbreak”, classic hip-hop Kanye is back with “Power”. If you thought the events of the past year or so might have humbled Mr. West, you are sadly mistaken. He’s as brash as ever, and while the song may not be as lyrically potent as previous songs, the beat for this track is bananas like a million monkeys in the jungle. Welcome back, Mr. West!! For what it’s worth, *I* missed you.

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