You can listen to or download Episode 5 here.

Hot? Because it was nice and toasty inside the office when I recorded this episode, and turning on the air conditioning would have resulted in a background noise even more annoying than listening to this hour-long monologue.

Bothered? Maybe not so much. I was a little annoyed, but the show turned out to be less obnoxious or rude than I intended for it to be. Some things and people just aren’t worth the negative energy.

Anyway, in this episode, we discuss:

*The legacies of Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper (and why we seriously need to stop talking so much about people dying in every show).

*A Memorial Day conversation that segues from taking time out from burgers and BBQ to appreciate our veterans to wondering whether you’re actually capable of killing someone.

*An NBA Finals preview

*The end of the most recent TV season

*Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Feel free to comment on the show. I might be switching over to Ustream for future shows, so keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming developments. Enjoy!!

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