So, I try not to get all gossipy with my posts. One thing I’m not, never want to be, and never will be is Perez Hilton. However, the news that singer/songwriter Alicia Keys is engaged to hip-hop artist/producer Swizz Beatz and is pregnant with his child kicks up some dust that I just can’t ignore.

What would ordinarily be greeted with a “so what?” or “damn, another fine-ass chick off the market” is really only newsworthy because Swizz Beatz is technically still married. Swizzy’s soon-to-be ex-wife Mashonda has been very vocal on the internet about the transgressions of her hubby and has more or less labelled Keys as a homewrecker.

This definitely pops the bubble on not only Keys’ goody-two-shoes image but makes her look like a flaming hypocrite. Anyone who’s watched Alicia’s interviews or award show acceptance speeches is well aware of Alicia’s penchant for occasionally sounding like a motivational speaker and trying to pass herself off as this world-loving, people-loving, female-empowering figure. Well, cavorting with some dude while he’s technically married doesn’t really fit in with that image, now does it?

Despite the lack of confirmation from Keys or Swizz over the past year, it wasn’t hard to tell that something was going on, and if there’s any good in this, it’s that whatever emotions Alicia was feeling manifested itself in her best work-“The Element of Freedom” is easily her most consistently enjoyable album, and the songwriting very obviously comes from the heart.

I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. After all, nobody is. I can overlook pretty much any personal transgression and still enjoy someone’s art. When Chris Brown’s “With You” comes on my iPod, I don’t hit the skip button, know what I’m saying? However, it bugs me that someone will willingly create an image that’s contrary to their actions.

Maybe Alicia should have reconsidered covering Blondie’s “Rapture” for the “Sex & the City 2” soundtrack and gone with this cover instead.

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