In my imagination, this is how it happened:

Whoever the dude (or more likely, chick) was that was A&R-ing the “Sex & the City 2” soundtrack was smoking some of that good, goodd shit, and they had a brainstorm.

“You know what would be really hilarious? If we got Liza Minnelli to sing “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Wouldn’t that be a fucking hoot?”

Then the person who was in the room with him or her went “Liza who?”

“Lucille #2 from ‘Arrested Development'”

“She sings?”

Ladies & gentlemen, I have no other words to describe this. It’s one of those things you feel is a joke, but you also feel a little bad because the butt of the joke might not necessarily be *in* on the joke?

Or maybe there’s something wrong with me?

Anyway, for a good laugh, listen to Liza screw this already pretty shitty song up even worse. She sounds like they pointed her to about 7 bottles of scotch before they pointed her to the studio mic. I only hope there’s no video accompaniment.

I wonder if David Gest is saying to himself “But I *did* put a ring on it! And see what happened??”

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