Alicia Keys’ albums have a tendency to wear off of me fairly quickly. I’ll rave about them when they first came out, but six months later, there will only be three or four tracks that I really like. Each successive album of hers has had more replay value than the one before it, and 2009’s “The Element of Freedom” might be the first Keys album that I can legitimately say I love all the way through. Well, except for the crappy Beyonce duet.

Anyway, there’s something about “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)” that really gets to me. I think it’s mostly the tension of the song. The two people involved are in some sort of relationship and they’re trying to decide whether it would be right to take it to the next level (wherever the next level is). There’s just something that feels honest about the lyrics, and if the rumors about Keys taking up with the very married Swizz Beatz are true, then it’s fairly obvious where Alicia got her lyrical inspiration from.

I also should say, this song singlehandedly makes me appreciate Drake, who co-wrote and sings background vocals here.

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