Where do I start? How about this…for her new video, “Not Myself Tonight”, Christina Aguilera has dropped the retro-glam image she was working on her last album “Back to Basics” and is now going for a vibe and image that’s alarmingly similar to the image that’s turned Lady GaGa into a megastar in the past year or so.

I’m not sure whether to call this an outright theft. After all, if you consider Xtina’s “Fighter” and “Dirrty” videos from back in the day, she was working a similar motif as far as imagery goes. With that said, though, there are going to be plenty of raised eyebrows from people who watch this video. Not only for the GaGa comparisons, but because Aguilera seemed to have moved beyond tasteless sexual titillation. This is one artist whose singing voice should speak for itself, and while I don’t mind the song (as generic as it is), the video is kind of a turn-off (and if anyone decides to comment on the video’s artistic merits here, please explain in detail exactly what’s artistic about Christina tonguing down some chick). The song itself has gotten off to a lackluster start, falling out of the Top 40 after one week (although it should rebound). Hopefully, this song and video is a red herring and not an indication of the content that will be featured on Xtina’s upcoming “Bionic” album.

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