A note to Justin Bieber: you seem to be a fairly talented kid. Just know that unless you’re a very, very resourceful or very, very special musician, your shelf-life is limited. Not a lot of kid singers get to keep their spot in the limelight beyond their early twenties-guys like Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake are the exceptions, not the rule.

There’ll probably be a point when you have to decide for yourself whether you’re in it for the music or for the screams (or the cake). Do you want to leave a legacy as a musician? You might do well to follow Hanson’s lead.

Remember Hanson? Along with the Spice Girls, they signaled the wave of pop music in the late Nineties that eventually resulted in Backstreetsyncdegrees Mania! The three cute kids from Oklahoma were an anomaly in the world of teen stars, though. Ike, Taylor and Zac had a pretty big hand in the writing and performing of their music. However, their label seemed more interested in striking while the iron was hot. So after the boys scored with their hit album “Middle of Nowhere”, there was the Christmas album. And the live album. And the “early recordings”. By the time a more mature Hanson returned with their second proper studio album, “This Time Around”, most of their original audience was gone.

They soldiered on anyway. Ever heard their third studio album, “Underneath”? No? Well, go get it. It’s awesome. After releasing album #4, “The Walk”, Taylor took a successful turn as the lead singer of power-pop supergroup Tinted Windows. Oh, and between the three of them, they have like 300 children now. Those Hanson brothers sure are fertile.

Anyway, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” is the name of their new video, and the song itself is a feel-good slice of pop-soul that’s pretty much in Hanson’s pocket. The video finds the guys indulging in some fancy footwork. The vibe of the video is very gay “Glee”, which should hopefully garner the band some attention as they prepare to release their fifth album, “Shout it Out”. It’s the perfect clip to combat those mid-week doldrums!

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