This, folks, is a tale of two shows.

Initially, what I’d planned in order to celebrate (however belatedly) Record Store Day, was a reunion of some of the cast that provided my first employment experience at Tower Records. That place was certainly not at a loss for characters.

So the time came to record the show…and none of my Tower friends called in. So, the first half of the show is pretty much me improvising. I talk a little about Gang Starr’s Guru, the controversy over his deathbed letter, and start to go into the show I saw last week by metal band Baroness. Then my buddy Brandon called in and we had a fairly serious discussion about the future of the music industry and music retail.

THEN 2 of the 3 Tower colleagues that originally signed up to do the show with me called in, and things kind of disintegrated from there. Those of you who listen to Howard Stern or Kevin Smith’s SModcast probably will get a kick out of the second half of the show, while some of you might be highly offended. So I’m letting you know now that the second half of this episode is totally NSFW.

Many thanks to my guests Brandon, Esdras and Oyanka for calling in.

Click this link to go to the show page, because for some reason WordPress will not allow me to put the blog widget in.

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