Hi, my name is Captain Obvious.

The concept of Smoothed Out Sundays makes so much sense to me because, well, Sunday’s always been that kind of day for me. When I was a kid, nothing in my house got started on Sunday before noon. Even after noon, the family was moving at a very leisurely pace-when I was younger, it was catching a noon service at church, then either heading to the park to watch the softball team my grandfather managed or sitting in front of the TV to watch basketball (we were NOT a football household…maybe that explains why I’m relatively ambivalent about the sport). While my grandmother cooked, the women of the family usually took the time to do laundry or perm their hair (maybe that’s why Sundays make me think of hair relaxer). These days, it’s all about waking up late (I’ll try to pretend I’m not typing this at 8:20 AM), having a pancake brunch (diabetes be damned) and doing something relaxing. Shutting my brain down for the day so I can be refreshed for Monday.

“Sunday Morning” was the song that really hooked me into being a Maroon 5 fan. I discovered these guys a couple of months before they broke big with “Harder to Breathe”. Most stores weren’t even carrying this album yet-I finally found it at an FYE on Pelham Parkway in the Bronx. There’s a cool, relaxed, almost jazzy vibe that puts Adam Levine squarely in his element. I’m too lazy to find the CD booklet, but I believe the female vocals on this song are performed by Rashida Jones, who I’ve developed a healthy crush on (if a gay dude has a crush on a woman, then what do you call it?). Anyway, even if you’re a Maroon 5 hater (and there are a lot out there, and I don’t blame you…Adam seems like kind of a dick), you’ve gotta give props to this song. It definitely brings the blood pressure down a few notches.

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