Now it’s getting really hot. This is the point in the countdown where you’re flailing wildly on the dance floor, completely oblivious to the fact that the rest of the crowd has stopped dancing and they’re staring at you, marvelling at your flopping around like a dead fish. You may have taken off your shirt at this point. Or your pants.

In case you missed them, here’s the last ten entries in the countdown. Now, let’s move forward. Anyone care to venture a guess as to what’s in the Top 10?

20. “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross
You know, it didn’t really occur to me until recently…is it me or is this a ripoff of Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby”? If I can compare the two, I’d say that “Love to Love You” sounds like the soundtrack of a European porno, while “Love Hangover” sounds like the soundtrack of an American porno. I’ve had sex on the brain a lot, recently. Haven’t I?

Check out this performance. These dancers are UBER-gay.

19. “Vertigo/Relight My Fire” by Dan Hartman
“Instant Replay” is super cheesy to me, which is the reason I didn’t include it in this countdown. This is more of a legit groove. Hartman was a pretty versatile singer. You’d never have thought the same guy that did this did “I Can Dream About You”.

18. “The Boss” by Diana Ross
To the average white person, Bruce Springsteen’s The Boss. Ask a black person (of a certain age) who The Boss is, and they will reply with the name of the most famous person to come out of Detroit’s Brewster Projects. And here come those gay dancers again.

17. “Din Daa Daa” by George Kranz

There’s a VIDEO for this shit? Holy crap!! Youtube is awesome!!

16. “Into the Groove” by Madonna

Another song that might have come out a little too late to fall into the disco category to most traditionalists, but this is as disco a disco song as there ever was. Thanks, “Celebration”, for including the real version of this song and not the cut-off mess that was on “The Immaculate Collection”.

15. “And the Beat Goes On” by The Whispers

Whatever happened to R&B groups that did smooth choreography like this? Hell, whatever happened to R&B groups period? Why are there plants on stage with The Whispers?

14. “I Love Music” by The O’Jays

Hey, there’s got to be at least one Soul Train line on this countdown.

13. “Give Me Tonight” by Shannon

Shannon’s still kicking around! She’s touting her MySpace page, so this is probably two or three years old. Not sure what’s up with the Superman gear, though.

12. “It’s Just Begun” by The Jimmy Castor Bunch

If you don’t start moving when the beat kicks in to this song, there is something very, very wrong with you.

11. “Do Ya Wanna Funk” by Sylvester

Sylvester confused the shit out of me as a kid. As did Grace Jones. And Prince. Man, the early Eighties was pretty full of characters, wasn’t it?

The Top Ten’s up next!! Stay tuned!!

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