This Saturday, we’re gonna rock it on the smooth tip with King Sun’s classic “Undercover Lover”-a song dedicated to all the committed folks who are keeping someone special on the low. Sun’s giving us his best Barry White on this track, describing the relationship he and his side chick have over a finely chosen sample of Stevie Wonder’s “Hey Love”. Sun managed to pull off a sensual hip-hop track without coming off soft or corny.

King Sun was one of the most visible Five Percent rappers back in hip-hop’s golden age. He had a commanding voice and a unique sartorial style-he should have been bigger than he was (but he was on Profile Records, where great rappers go to die). Not sure what Sun is up to these days, he seems to have disappeared from the hip-hop game following his departure from Profile and a beef with Ice Cube. Anyway, enjoy this track…and stick around to the end, when the tables turn and you find out what happens when some people decide to pull the plug on the whole undercover lover thing.

Peep the voiceover at the beginning-someone uploaded this clip from an old episode of Video Music Box, which was THE show to watch if you were a hip-hop head in New York City.

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