Wouldn’t ya know it? We’re closing in on the home stretch with this here countdown. Any songs you particularly surprised to not see on the list yet?

If you haven’t been following, catch up with the last 10 entries on the list, and feel free to backtrack from there.

Now, onward and upward…

30) “Got to Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn

One of the most spirited performances on any song, never mind any disco song. “Got to Be Real” has to be one of the most purely fun songs in history. Lynn’s performance is full of sass, and some of you might do a spit-take when you realize that the funky band backing her is comprised largely of famed L.A. session band Toto (of “I blessed the rains down in Africa” fame). Did you know that Cheryl was discovered on “The Gong Show”?

29) “Apache” by The Incredible Bongo Band

Not a disco song per se, but how can you not dance to this? It’s got probably the most recognizable drumbeat in history behind James Brown’s “Funky Drummer”. I was all set to link to Alfonso Ribiero and Will Smith’s legendary dance routine to this song on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, but NBC blocked it. Damn it.

28) “Livin’ it Up (Friday Night)” by Bell & James

TGIF doesn’t even BEGIN to describe how this song feels.

27) “Running Away” by Roy Ayers Ubiquity

Have you stopped dancing yet?

26) “Last Dance” by Donna Summer

The song to end a million and one dance parties.

25) “You’re the One for Me” by D-Train

James “D-Train” Williams was one of the best male singers disco ever produced. A little bit Teddy Pendergrass, a little bit Luther Vandross. This remix of “You’re the One for Me” is still slammin’, but I like the original version a lot better.

24) “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)” by The Jacksons

Seriously. Have you stopped dancing yet?

23) “The Glow of Love” by Change (featuring Luther Vandross)

I’m pretty sure Luther was aware of the double entendre within the song’s lyrics…at any rate, this song for some reason always gives me a summertime vibe.

22) “What Can I Do for You” by LaBelle

One of the oldest songs on this list, it’s pointed, sassy and sweaty. This is some killer footage!

21) “Let No Man Put Asunder” by First Choice

Here’s another unnecessary mid-Eighties remix. Sounds like a new vocal, too.

IT’S. NOT. OVAH. The Top 20’s coming up! Stay tuned!!

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