While MisenPOPic Radio is on hiatus (congrats to my homie and co-host Mikey Hersh on the birth of his daughter), I decided to come up with my own podcast. It’s a little looser and I decided to go with the host-and-two-guests format rather than just the two co-hosts. Thus, Blerd Radio was born.

While me and my boy GG did a quickie test episode last week, “Livin’ La Vida Loca” is the first real episode, and it again features GG as well as my girl Carletta.

Over the course of an hour, the three of us have a spirited discussion, primarily about music and pop culture. Among the topics discussed.

*Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video: political statement or publicity grab?
*Growing with your audience and the music industry’s state of arrested adolescence.
*Usher’s shitty new album “Raymond vs. Raymond”
*Why does Nicki Minaj exist?
*Carletta laments the loss of Danity Kane
*Ricky Martin’s coming out-a surprise to no one (except maybe me).

Check it out and leave a comment-let us know what you think!! (It’s linked above because I can’t figure out how to embed on this damn thing).

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  • usher album
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