Yesterday was “A Day Without Shoes”, when people were supposed to go unshod in a show of solidarity with the many people in the world who go without shoes. I figured walking the streets of Boston without any shoes on was probably not a good idea-so while I appreciated the sentiment, that just wasn’t happening for me.

Talk about seamless segues…we now go headfirst into the new song by the perennially barefoot Jack Johnson. The Hawaiian singer/songwriter is getting set to release a new album “To the Sea” this summer, and it’s being teased by the single “You & Your Heart”. “Heart” was released on iTunes earlier this week and is already in the Top Ten.

You can hear a little of the studio version on Jack’s website. It definitely sounds a little more rock-y and aggressive than Jack’s usual fare. It matches up pretty well with Jack’s new look, which makes him look less like Curious George and a little more like a serial killer. I don’t see the studio version anywhere on YouTube, so you’ll have to settle for this pretty cool acoustic performance.

While the song doesn’t exactly blow me away, Jack’s never gonna be the guy that I love for his singing or writing skills. My love for Jack is totally based on vibe-hearing his songs is an immediate blood pressure-lowerer. It makes me think of white sandy beaches, hammocks, and lots and lots of weed. In other words, a new Jack record is the perfect jumpoff for summer 2010.

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