Those of you who are in New York (or nearby) and are also fans of Michael Jackson or Prince. It would be in your best interests to attend Soul Slam XV, celebrating the music of the King of Pop and His Royal Badness. This event, presided over by DJ Spinna, is basically what it’s advertised as: hundreds of people gather at a club and dance their asses off to selections from the Jackson family and the members of Prince’s royal kingdom. This means that not only will you probably hear “Billie Jean” and “1999”, but you’ll also probably hear “Centipede” and “The Screams of Passion”, and you’ll probably also hear “You Can’t Win” and “Sexy Dancer”, just to name a few songs. I attended this event a few years back and literally danced until I was drenched in sweat and my legs were like Jell-O. Tickets are an affordable fifteen bucks-I highly recommend you attend. This year’s event will be extra poignant on account of it being the first MJ vs. Prince event in NYC since Michael’s passing last June.

While we wait for that, I’m sure you all know that Janet is starring in the new Tyler Perry film, “Why Did I Get Married Too”. The film, which opens next week, actually looks interesting (a word I generally don’t associate with Perry’s movies, which veer a little too close into the lane of coonery for my tastes). Janet’s theme song, “Nothing”?, though. Total different story. To put it bluntly, the song sucks. I wrote a post over at The Round Table expressing my disgust, so no need to rehash that here.

Wait, did I mention Rebbie’s “Centipede”? Time for a video!!

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