Here’s something guaranteed to at least temporary alleviate your Monday blues…unless you’re a total grouch. In which case, God help ya.

Check out Ben Folds at a show in his home of North Carolina, improvising songs while using the ChatRoulette program. I’m imagining there was some kind of delay or something going on, because based on what I know about the program, it’s fairly uncommon to switch between users for a five minute span and not come up on at least one person playing with themselves.

Sidebar: the last time I saw Ben Folds in concert, I had what might be my most uncomfortable concert experience ever. He p[layed “Rockin’ the Suburbs”, and I wanted to sing along. However, a line repeated several times in the song is “y’all don’t know what it’s like/being male, middle class and white”-and that line just doesn’t flow effortlessly off my tongue-because I’m, well, not white. The dude sitting in front of me was staring me dead in the eye during that song and was having as good laugh at my expense.

Anyway, enjoy the clip. Happy Monday.

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