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The fact that I’m listening to each of these songs as I count them down, and the fact that I had a really fun DJ experience at the Mayer Hawthorne show a few weeks back, has led me to the conclusion that I really need to go to a good dance club. Anyone know if there are any places in Beantown that play GOOD dance music? Or am I gonna have to wait until April and head back to NYC for the annual Michael Jackson vs. Prince party? (yes, this does exist, and it’s AWESOME). If anyone is aware of any places worth checking out, holla at your boy.

The list continues with a song that you probably thought would be much higher on the list.

60. “Le Freak” by Chic

A) Can we give Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson some love as one of the greatest instrumental units not only in disco history, but in MUSICAL history?

B) Can you hear Loofa Vandross singing in the background? I can pick him out pretty clearly.

C) How weird would it have been if Nile and ‘Nard would’ve gone with their alleged original concept and called the song “Fuck Off”?

59) “Holiday” by Madonna

True story: Madonna’s self-titled debut was probably the last great disco album. And I’m mad that Warner made Youtube take down the clips of her performing this song on “Solid Gold” and “American Bandstand”.

58) “Just a Touch of Love” by Slave

One of the nastiest bass lines of all time. Another instrumental all-star was Slave’s Mark Washington. Also check out “Watching You” and especially “Snap Shot” for a taste of his bass-playing prowess.

57) “Spank” by Jimmy “Bo” Horne

Produced by Richard Finch and Harry Wayne Casey (aka KC of the Sunshine Band). I’m as surprised as you are, especially since there’s not an actual KC & the Sunshine Band song on this list. One of several instances in which I wholeheartedly advocate spanking.

56) “A Night to Remember” by Shalamar

Of course, the greatness of this song has now been obscured by Jeffrey Daniel’s legendary appearance on Top of the Pops in the U.K. and the fact that it came almost a year before a certain person’s Motown 25 performance. I gotta say, though, much as I love Shalamar-this is definitely a case of who did it best, not who did it first. I just watched the MJ performance (for the first time since he died, I think) and it brought tears to my eyes, even after having seen it literally thousands of times.

The video’s not embeddable. Find it here.

55) “Love Come Down” by Evelyn King

After all these years, I have just one question. How exactly does one’s love “come down”?

54) “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer

I’m sure those of you following were expecting this higher too. Don’t worry, there’s more Donna to come. Not fond of the arrangement on this performance, though.

53) “Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)” by Billy Ocean

Before “Caribbean Queen” and, yes, before “Get Outta My Dreams…”, there was this dance classic. Have you seen photos of Billy Ocean lately? He looks like a black Gandalf.

52) “It’s Ecstacy When You Lay Down Next to Me” by Barry White

Barry always had cool rhyming titles (“Your Sweetness is My Weakness”, “I’m Qualified to Satisfy You”. Walt Frazier is the Barry White of sports commentating.

Cool video…how often do you get to see Barry without that jacked up perm?

51) “You Know How to Love Me” by Phyllis Hyman

Hyman was more of a balladeer, but “You Know How to Love Me” remains possibly her signature song. Producers Reggie Lucas and James Mtume brought out the best in her, and the story goes that they pushed Phyllis so hard while getting this vocal performance that after giving them the vocal that would eventually be used on the recording, she left the studio in a huff. Considering the outcome, they knew what they were doing.

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