Spring is officially in the air (although the first official day of the season is still a couple days away), and you can feel a good vibe in the air, especially after a horrid winter like we’ve had up here in New England. Continuing in that feel-good kinda vibe, I present you with the latest track from three of my all-time favorite emcees. Featured on the latest Clinton Sparks mixtape: Queens MC Consequence joins forces with Brooklyn’s Talib Kweli and Chicago’s Common for “G.O.O.D. Music”. Believe me when I tell you that for a fan of hip-hop with a little bit of soul or substance, this was like getting a Christmas gift in Ju…uh, mid-March. It’s got the warm, soulful vibe that the best of the music from these three emcees contains.

Although Consequence got a lift from Kanye West, who released Cons’s solo album “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” on his own G.O.O.D. Music label, the emcee is still underappreciated, especially since he’s coming up on fifteen years in the game (starting out as a satellite member of A Tribe Called Quest). Kweli’s as consistent as ever (and holds down the hook nicely), and as for Common-between this verse and the upcoming flick with Latifah (which actually looks kinda cool in that cheesy rom-com kinda way), I’m almost ready to forgive him for the atrocity that was “Universal Mind Control”.

So here’s some good springtime musical vibes-provided by three of the best emcees in the biz. Enjoy.

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