Um-something weird happened.

I’m doing something really nerdy with my iTunes library. Thanks to a tip I found in a comment section on Popdose (by the way, Jeff and Jason, I had a dream the other day in which we all moved in together-WEIRD), I have decided to update every song in my library that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 with it’s chart position. I did not realize that futzing around with my library was going to affect my playlist, thus when I went to the part of iTunes that holds the list I’m referencing to this chart, I was somewhat stunned to see only 68 titles instead of 70. After having a mild panic attack (this isn’t the first time I’ve done something stupid while in the middle of one of these lists), I was able to go to my recycle bin and find the two songs I was missing. All has not been lost. Granted, I probably could have figured that out a little earlier were I not still dealing with the effects from a really powerful joint a bit otherwise impaired, but the point is that I found the songs! The list can continue! Parrrrrrtay!!!

Here’s 80-71 so you can catch up, in the event you’ve missed anything.

70. “Found a Cure” by Ashford and Simpson

Me and two friends have had an ongoing debate about whether Nick Ashford is secretly gay. I mean, there are arguments for (look at that hair! listen to that voice!) and against (he’s been married to Valerie Simpson for 40 years). Something tells me that Val wouldn’t put up with a marriage of convenience for that long, though. She gives off serious Strong Sista vibes.

69. “I’m Ready” by Kano

If I can say anything good about this song, it probably made the guys in Kano some dough.

68. “YMCA” by The Village People

As a goof, I used this as my outgoing answering machine message for a week or two, using my best queeny voice. Little did I know that my mom was gonna call. Oops. (Viewing this video for the first time, I’m almost shocked to discover that the YMCA in the clip is the one I went to during my last year or so in New York. Um, wow…so much I could say here).

67. “Dynamite!” by Stacy Lattisaw

This song makes me wanna roller-skate like a mug. Of course, I have no sense of balance and I’d probably eat cement within the first 30 seconds after tying the skates on…

66. “Disco Inferno” by The Trammps

This was my friend Mikey‘s pick for the #1 disco song of all time. I have to respectfully disagree. Not that it’s a bad song, but shit, I’m not even totally sure it’s my favorite song named “Disco Inferno”.

65. “Automatic” by The Pointer Sisters

Who here thinks Ruth Pointer and Barry White should have done a duet?

64. “Off the Wall” by Michael Jackson

63. “Searching” by Change (feat. Luther Vandross)

Am I the only person who thinks Freddie Mercury indulged in a little bit of musical thievery here?

62. “Put Your Body in It” by Stephanie Mills

61. “Got to Give it Up” by Marvin Gaye


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