Whatever you say about Lady Gaga, the girl certainly is different. She started out as a fairly run-of-the-mill dance/pop singer, but it seems like she’s using her success to push the artistic envelope. So whether you like her or not, it would be unfair to say she’s not creative or talented.

Her new video is for the song “Telephone”, and it’s a campy 9 1/2 minute MESS, and I mean “mess” in a reasonably positive way. It’s got a big-budget “B” movie vibe to it (if that makes any sense) and actually sort of has a Jackson-esque grandiose thing to it, especially with the extended 9 1/2 minute running time and the extended dance sequences. Of course, MJ probably would never had had this amount of profanity in a video, nor would he be driving away with Beyonce in a vehicle called the Pussy Wagon.

Ah yes, Beyonce. She’s Gaga’s co-conspirator, “Thelma & Louise”-style, in this video. B doesn’t really add a lot to the video (it’s hard to tell if the acting in this video is deliberately bad, if only because Beyonce’s not exactly the world’s greatest actress to begin with…), but it’s certainly more daring than anything else she’s done. Tyrese is also in this video, in case you were wondering where the hell Tyrese has even been in the past three or four years.

I’m not gonna be like every other homo in the world and fawn over Gaga (because I can think of several hundred artists I’d rather listen to than her), but I’ve got to admit that this is the most entertaining pop video I’ve seen in quite some time.

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