I’m not really a late night TV guy-I’m usually in bed by midnight. So, really, I get my talk show fix from watching the occasional Jimmy Fallon rerun on Hulu. I will say, though, I’ve been impressed by a lot of the clips I’ve seen from the more recent crop of talk show hosts-that includes Wanda Sykes, Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel, who I guess has been around for a few years now.

Kimmel’s become well known for a handful of skits that have become really big virally. The first one was “I’m Fucking Ben Affleck”, which was a retort to his then-girlfriend Annoying Bitch From Hell Sarah Silverman’s “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” clip. The latest clip making the rounds is the “Handsome Men’s Club”, which either aired during the Oscars (as you can probably tell, I didn’t watch) or after the Oscars.

I must admit, this skit is pure gold. Kimmel and his writers did an awesome job. I got a couple of really good belly laughs here. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on or question a couple of things:

*Where the hell are the minorities? Granted, that’s not the most original question in the world. Actually, I first became interested in checking out the clip when my friend Scott posted this question on his Facebook page. While I can’t say I fully agree with Scott’s theory that Taye Diggs was chosen because white folks view him as “safe”, I can’t believe that Taye and Lenny Kravitz were the only non-whites that could’ve been in this skit. What about my man from “Lost” with the 6-pack (I can’t remember his name)? Usher? Hell, I think Antonio Banderas would have been a better choice for the cougar set than Ted Friggin’ Danson.

*Can we officially all agree that Lenny Kravitz is the muhfuckin’ MAN? We should also note that he hasn’t aged a bit in nearly a quarter-century. Like they say, good black don’t crack.

*How handsome are these guys, anyway? I mean, I understand that my tastes are quite left of center, and this is probably more of a reflection of what the average American sees as handsome, but c’mon. Keith Urban? Whoever that dude was with his shirt off and the accent? I guess I find all of the guys in the skit attractive in the same way a straight guy would look at another dude and say “hey, he’s good looking”, but it’s probably a telling fact that the only two guys in the entire skit that I would probably be able to get it up for would be John Krasinski…and Jimmy Kimmel himself.

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