So I’m thinking back to 1986 and 1987. At the time, I was in the midst of a three year stretch living in Michigan with my mom and stepdad. I would spend summers at my grandparents’ place in Brooklyn (where I lived before and after that three-year stretch) along with various other relatives, including one cousin who was totally into the teenage pop culture of the time (I was a couple of years younger). In addition to the magazines I knew of, like Right On! and Black Beat, that cousin also introduced me to magazines like Bop and Teen Beat. It’s hard to think that in 2010, people who graced the pages of that magazine, like Michael Jackson, Andrew Koenig and Corey Haim, are no longer with us-especially when they were just a few short years older than myself.

Teen movie stars didn’t get much bigger than Corey Haim in the late Eighties. Huge hit movies like “The Lost Boys”-one of a series of movies with compatriot Corey Feldman. Tons of adoring, screaming girls. This kid had it all. Unfortunately, his luck ran out and, like most child stars, he enjoyed the spoils of his success and then had trouble adjusting to a life where he was no longer “the man”. There were drug issues, trips in and out of rehab, and the guy suffered a freaking stroke at the age of 31. So I can’t say that I was surprised by the news that he passed away this morning at the young age of 38. Still, it sucks to see any one die prematurely. I feel bad that he couldn’t keep his demons under control.

My favorite Haim movie was 1986’s “Lucas”. It wasn’t a huge box-office hit, but it’s become something of a cult favorite over the years. Check out the trailer below-and try to rent it if you can, although I’m sure you’ll be seeing it more frequently on TV in the near future.

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