For some completely illogical reason, I’ve had the theme to “The Great Space Coaster” stuck in my head for the past day and a half. Up until I did some research on it, the only damn thing I REMEMBERED about the show was the theme song. Well, I also remember that before I started my Saturday mornings with “The Smurfs”, I started it with “The Great Space Coaster”, which must have only been for a year or so, seeing as “Coaster” started airing in 1981 (really? I thought it was a year or two earlier). What freaked me out even more was that it ran until 1986. I totally only remember watching it for a year or two.

“The Great Space Coaster” was kinda like a low-budget Muppets/Sid & Marty Kroft knock-off, only in space. There were some fairly non-descript human characters, and, actually, the puppets were pretty non-descript as well. After reading the Wikipedia entry about the show, the only character that really jogged my memory was Gary Gnu. Gary was kinda dope, actually. He did these pretend newscasts, and he used to get heckled and have shit thrown at him. His catchphrase was “no gnus is good gnus!!”. Sorry, that still makes me chuckle a little.

But damn, is that a good theme song!

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