So, what the hell is a Popblerd? Well, the name of this blog has two meanings for me. First, a “blerd” is a black nerd. I first heard the term used by Donald Faison, who plays my favorite character (Chris Turk) on one of my favorite TV shows (“Scrubs”) during an interview on one of those late night shows (might have been Letterman). I tried like hell to find the interview on YouTube, but someone must’ve taken it down.

Well, I’m certainly black. I guess the “nerd” part is debatable. I mean, I’m not a nerd in the Steve Urkel sense-although I certainly was at some point (I wore prescription goggles a la Kareem Abdul Jabbar to school for a year instead of regular specs). I’m not a nerd in the socially awkward, no-game way. I’m a nerd in the sense of being fanatical about something-in this case pop culture, specifically the years of my youth (1980-2000 roughly). I’m kinda glad that folks have taken back the word “nerd” and it gets used almost as a compliment/term of endearment.

Also, the word “blerd” is pronounced the same as the word “blurred”, and I’d like to think that the things I get excited about aren’t specific to an ethnic group or any other kind of minority. It’s a blur of different things-a little bit of thug, a little bit of “bro”, a little bit of geek, a little bit of misanthrope, a little bit Chuck D., a little bit Carlton Banks, a little conservative, a little liberal, a little bit stoner, a little bit jock, a little bit of gay. I think most of the friends who’ll be popping up in posts from time to time have the same kind of vibe. I hope that you enjoy the things I write about here, and I also hope that you make Popblerd a regular destination. Thanks for reading-there’s a lot to look forward to here.

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