Super Bowl 44 was exciting enough-at least until Manning got intercepted halfway through the 4th quarter. Although I put money on Indianapolis to win, I’m kinda glad it went to New Orleans. When the best things to come out of your city in the past twenty years are Lil Wayne and Harry Connick Jr., you deserve all that you get.

Man, but did you check out that halftime show? Never mind the fact that Queen Latifah’s performance of “America the Beautiful” sucked donkey dick (not to say Dana isn’t a pleasant enough vocalist, but that was a bad song choice) and the commercials were all mediocre (Dave, Jay and Oprah gave me a chuckle, though…so did Tracy Morgan and Stevie Wonder…oh, and that Doritos kid!!!). Did that performance by The Who stink or what? I don’t know, man. Not that there’s anything wrong with Townshend and Daltrey going out there and doing they’re thing, but…holy shit, they’re old. I mean, Springsteen’s 60, but he doesn’t look like an old man when he’s on stage. Pete and Roger looked like they should have been starring in a Geritol commercial. It just seemed really lame. After a couple of great halftime shows, this was definitely a letdown.

(This is where I’d post video of Prince playing the halftime show a couple of years back, but a) you know damn well ain’t no footage of that anywhere on the internet, and b) I don’t want Prince to sue my black ass.

Seriously, though. Aside from the obvious CSI connection, what was even the point of having The Who perform? I suppose Janet and Justin scared folks away from having a youth-oriented halftime show, but just about anyone would have been better than The Who!!

(unfortunately, the only version I could embed was altered by some jackass)

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